We install many types of siding including Craneboard Solid Core Vinyl, Hardi Cement Fiber and T1-11 wood siding among others.

Our most popular siding is Craneboard vinyl siding, offering a strong, high-quality product that will withstand the elements and add significant beauty, and value to your home. Craneboard vinyl siding gives that extraordinary, distinctive wood look while completely protecting it. And never paint again!

Hardi Cement Fiber siding is a very popular choice for homeowner’s in wooded areas where wild fire is a concern. It is perfect for the home owner who wants the peace of mind knowing the exterior of the home is fire resistant.

Wood siding, we understand replacing all of the exterior siding on your home may not be necessary. For those homeowners who have T1-11 wood siding or any other type of wood siding and do not want to re-side the entire home. We often will only replace the affected areas such as the south or west facing walls as they get the most exposure to the elements. We pre-prime all wood siding before installing it. It is critical to have a good sealer primer applied to insure a long life of the siding.

Impressive Exteriors’ entire installation process is usually 1-2 weeks start to finish… 

With siding from Impressive Exteriors, you get the high-endurance quality that you need with the charming, fresh look that will make your home stand out and be truly impressive.

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